An incredibly handsome Console table designed by Arne Vodder and produced by Sibast, Denmark.

A search of the internet will turn up only a handful of examples, this is a very very hard to find piece of design.

Produced from Brazilian rosewood with four drawers finished in Vodder’s signature style which attractively floats within the frame, an under-tier shelf and a surface with integrated Melamine serving disc. The juxtaposition of the jet black disc inlaid with the tropical timber is wonderful.

The table is also finished to the back so it can be used freestanding. It is a very versatile design and could be placed in almost any room effectively from hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms or as a centerpiece to the lounge.

The quality of construction evident on this piece is of the very highest standard.

Offered in excellent condition.

DIMENSIONS: 129.5cm Long x 54.5 Wide x 72.5 High.


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