A particularly nice Brazilian rosewood and black leather Eames lounge chair & Ottoman produced by Herman Miller.

This is what some would describe as a second generation chair with cushions filled with a mixture of latex and feather. In our opinion this is the most desirable version of this design classic. The Latex and feather cushions are incredibly comfortable and also take on a lovely wrinkled patina which is the aesthetic Charles & Ray Eames intended when they said they wanted the chair to look like a well worn baseball mitt. After 1972 production switched to the use of foam cushions.

This particular set is offered in excellent condition. The patina to the leather is absolutely gorgeous. The wooden shells have been repolished and show wonderful grain to the Brazilain Rosewood. There is some age related wear to the armrests as often seen on chairs this age with some cracking to the leather on one arm. The chair stands straight and true. All the shockmounts are original and have been checked with no signs of weakness.

This set was purchased from the original owner who bought it new from Harrods in 1972.

DIMENSIONS: Chair: 79cm High x 82 Wide x 84 Deep

PRICE: £5995




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