Original vintage Eames lounge chair produced in the 60’s by Herman Miller.

These early chairs are very different from the current authorized productions. They must weigh about twice as much as the current chair. The cushions are filled with a mixture of goose down and latex for an incredibly comfortable sitting experience, the leather also attains a wonderful lived in look when upholstered over these cushions. The current chairs use foam cushions.

The spacers between the back stand offs and the shells are rubber which gives a nice subtle flex, the current chairs use hard plastic.

The shells are produced from lush Brazilian rosewood a timber that is no longer available on modern chairs and the timber of choice for Charles Eames original design.

On this particular example the seat shell was drilled in the past as a solution to a historic shock mount repair. Luckily it was just one single small hole on each side under the armrest which our restorer has filled and colour matched, it is barely noticeable and the shock mounts have been firmly re-set.

We have priced the chair accordingly to reflect the restoration but be in no doubt it is a lovely example and still far superior to the present incarnation of this iconic design.


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